How We Help You

Because your success is our motivation, we offer a personalised service to help you grow and improve your business and your life.

We have an experienced team for across many of your business needs and personal matters. If we can’t help, we will know someone who can.

See just some of our core services below.

Business Development

Setting goals and knowing where you want to be is a great start to being successful. We work closely with you to review, or help you set your business strategy. See how here.

Technology & Software

We install and support many accounting software solutions.  We also provide expertise on the right add-ons to make sure you work smarter not harder. See how here.

Tax & Compliance

Knowing what the tax implications are of the business decisions you make is really important. Our experts are here to give you peace of mind.  Learn more here.

Audit & Review

Whether you want an audit or it simply has to be done, the assurance team at Kendons will perform an audit or review that is efficient and effective. Learn more here.

We’re here to make a real difference to our clients.  Delivering a high-quality, efficient compliance service is just part of that.  Helping our clients to develop, improve and grow their business is the next natural step.  Our Business Development offerings are practical and tangible services that create long term value for clients.

Here are some of our other services.

  • Start-ups
  • Company Formation
  • Benchmarking
  • Business Valuations
  • Trust formation & management
  • Marketing Assistance

Talk to us today to see how we can best help you.

What Clients Say

From reception through to the accountants we could not speak more highly of the Kendons team. They are readily available at all times and most importantly understand our business and work with us for the best outcome.

Don Torrington, Contour Asphalts
The Kendons influence was very prominent – they had already been my accountant for 20 years and came up with the name MADINZ – Made And Designed In New Zealand – who said accountants are not creative!
Sue Cooper, MADINZ
I was introduced to Kendons at a time when I needed real advice on strategy & help & guidance in making intelligent business decisions. I had previously needed to outsource this.
Kendons did the financials but also added the support & hands-on, logical, considered, achievable advice. I felt supported for the first time in a long time.
Moira Gaffney , Regional Wines & Spirits
I feel Kendons take the time to get to understand our business and to understand our people. Therefore, they are head and shoulders above other advisors as they are able to offer tailored advice that adds real value to our business.
Andre Cribb , Pertronic Industries Ltd
Kendon’s are up there if not at the top. On a scale of 1 to 10 10 been outstanding. Kendon’s rate 10+. If you want an Accountant who would go to the moon and back with you, then Kendon’s is your accountant.
Matthew Barton
My advice is , if you want an accountant that helps you along the way and is not just looking at numbers but explaining in plain english what is important and how to improve business performance, don’t wait, make the change. It can save you a lot of time and money.
Hartmut Reichelt , Architectural Roof & Façade Innovations Ltd
It was very easy to change to Kendons. I like their values and modern, partnering approach. This contrasted sharply with previous auditors who did not provide support to implement the necessary changes. The partners are always available and return my calls immediately. We have a friendly relationship and I feel the charging is most reasonable for the work completed.
Patrick Butterworth, The Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy